Netflix Streaming in HD Soft-Launching Soon

It started with rumors strictly about the Xbox 360. But apparently, Netflix is rolling out a soft launch of its HD streaming service to all streaming devices. Oh, the Xbox 360 will have it with the New Xbox Experience, but so will the LG and Samsung boxes with streaming capabilities, in addition to the Roku. It will require about 8-10Mbps of bandwidth.

This new service is not available (yet  . . .) for Mac or PC systems.

More details . . .

There are about 300 HD titles available for HD streaming, in addition to the 12,000 SD titles.

Xbox users must be Xbox Live Gold members, and it will go live through the New Xbox Experience when it launches on November 19.

While there are only 300 HD titles available at the moment, there's no reason to imagine that more won't be added in time. HD streaming with unlimited watching? Life is good. —Leslie Shapiro