Netflix to Rent TV Shows on the Net

Netflix has cut deals with CBS and the Disney Channel to make their shows available through its fledgling online service, according to the Wall Street Journal. The Netflix online library has only about 12,000 titles, versus the 100,000 titles available through the chain's brick-and-mortar stores, so the company needs to keep cutting deals like these.

Like other Netflix online offerings, CBS and Disney shows can be streamed by subscribers who pay $8.99 and up for a monthly DVD rental plan. The two networks already make their shows available on their own sites as well as various online download stores.

Netflix uses various set-top platforms for its online operation. This fall a new option will be added in the form of Microsoft's Xbox 360.

Roku, another Netflix partner, recently announced that it would open up its set-top platform to "anyone who wants to put their video service on this box," as CEO Anthony Wood said. To that end, Roku will release a software development kit.