Netflix Previews ‘Stranger Things’ Season 3 (Sort of)

In case you missed it, Netflix gave fans of the binge-worthy TV sensation Stranger Things a little something to chew on while they wait for Season 3 to be released next summer.

The streaming empire peppered fans’ imaginations with a clip that reveals titles for each of the season’s eight episodes set against the show’s eerie theme.

The creators didn‘t give us much to work with but two of the titles do suggest the Starcourt Mall will be the place to be “in the summer of 1985 when the adventure continues.” And at least one of the titles conjures the sort of intrigue fans have come to expect from the series: The Case of the Missing Life Guard.

Here’s the complete list of titles so you can let your imagination take over:

1. Suzie, Do You Copy
2. The Mall Rats
3. The Case of the Missing Life Guard
4. The Sauna Test
5. The Source
6. The Birthday
7. The Bite
8. The Battle of Starcourt

Oh, and one other clue: The show’s creators, Matt and Ross Duffer, revealed at “The Games Awards 2018” that Season 3 will be joined by a retro style videogame for Xbox, Switch, and PC that “follows the events of season 3 with a few surprises of its own.” Watch the Duffers preview the game here.


'Stranger Things' Season 3 Pushed Off to 2019