NBC and Microsoft: "My Bad!"

What happens when NBC makes a mistake that causes your Vista Media Center to miss capturing your favorite shows? Luckily, Microsoft jumps in to save the day. Imagine that!  What's up with these broadcast flags?

In a report posted on Engadget, NBC put a flag, unintentionally, on some over-the-air shows that caused Vista Media Center not to record the requested show. It was flagged with a "copy-never" flag, instead of a more common "copy-once" flag that would let it be recorded.

Analog cable and analog broadcast should never have this flag, intentionally or unintentionally. Microsoft issued a Windows update that lets Vista Media Center record anything coming in from air or analog cable.

CableCARD tuners or set-top-box via S-Video users will still be affected if a network inadvertently flags a show.

Good for Microsoft for responding so quickly to a problem - especially when it was someone else's fault! -Leslie Shapiro

Via Engadget

Photo from JustinJas.com