NAD C 658 Streaming DAC Now Due Out in June

NAD today announced that shipment of the C 658 BluOS Streaming DAC it previewed last fall has been delayed until early June to coincide with the availability of Dirac Live speaker setup/room-correction software from Sweden’s Dirac Research.

Dirac Live processing compensates for a room’s acoustic anomalies by first measuring the energy and time it takes for direct and reflected sound waves to travel from the speakers to a user-defined listening area and then applying corrective filters to achieve natural sound without changing the inherent sound characteristics of the audio system.

The C 658 incorporates a “lite” version of Dirac Live that provides compensation only up to 500 Hz. To achieve room correction across the full frequency range, C 658 owners will have to upgrade to Dirac Live Full at extra cost.

The C 658 comes with a microphone so users can measure and calibrate their listening environment using Dirac’s proprietary app, which stores up to five different listening profiles and is available for desktop PCs as well as iOS and Android devices.

Room-correction and tone controls are accessed via the Dirac app, while NAD’s BluOS Controller app provides controls for selecting filters, adjusting subwoofer crossover settings, and disabling the Dirac processing, among other things.

“Speaker placement is hard to get right,” explained NAD product manager Cas Oostvogel. “You are limited by practicalities like leaving doorways clear, placement of furniture, and location of electrical outlets. Dirac Live essentially does the heavy lifting to make your music sound as if your speakers were ideally placed.”

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There's one sitting in my rack.

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This unit was released and users panned this component as not sounding good..
I'm sure NAD is attempting a redo by fixing the bugs in it..

I almost bought one and instead pulled the trigger on a Schiit Freya..

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It has it in spades even after hundreds of hours of running it 24/7. We shall see how the Dirac upgrade helps otherwise it's outta here.