Monster's Jamz 'phones 'virtually indestructible'

Monster has unveiled yet another set of headphones, the "Jamz" series. While not linked to a specific musician, Monster's Jamz bear some resemblance to the company's "Beats by Dre" and "Miles Davis Tribute" headphones, along with some similarity to the company's signature Turbine line.

The Jamz headphones are constructed entirely of metal, and Monster claims they're virtually indestructible. They feature 24-karat gold contacts, and a scratch- and corrosion-resistant chrome finish. Also in the series are Lil Jamz, a smaller, black chrome-finished version of the Jamz headphones with the same basic construction. Also introduced is Monster's Mobile Jamz, which includes a microSD reader and USB adapter in a compact media drive for portable music playback and file storage.

Monster also announced a new Turbine model, the Turbine Pro Copper. According to Monster, the new headphones offer more pronounced low-frequency response and "reference-quality" sound.

The Monster Jamz headphones will be available later this quarter, and will retail for $100 for Li'l Jamz, $120 for the full-size Jamz, and $150 for the Mobile Jamz kit. The Turbine Pro Copper headphones are currently available for $400, or for $430 with Monster's ControlTalk.

Will Greenwald