Mitsubishi HC900 DLP Projector At A Glance & Ratings

At A Glance: Mitsubishi HC900 DLP Projector

Type: DLP
Native resolution/aspect ratio: 1,024 by 576 / 16:9
Lamp Life: 2,000 hours (standard), 4,000 hours (low mode)
Different Lenses Available?: No
Dimensions (H x W x D, inches): 4 x 12.25 x 10
Price: $2,995

Video: DVI-D with HDCP (1), component video (1), SVGA (1), S-video (1), composite video (1)
Audio: L/R analog (2 pairs), 3.5 mini stereo (1)
Video: None
Audio: None
Additional: RS-232 (1)


Mitsubishi HC900 DLP Projector

Build Quality: 87
Spiffy case design, soft, brushed, metallic-like finish
Some light spill from the ventilation grilles, moderate fan noise

Value: 89
Near-HD quality at thousands less than HD-DLP; bright, too (or not)
Optics a cut above the class, including substantial offset for low tabletop or high ceiling placement

Features: 87
Great light-control features, such as an adjustable iris and long-life low lamp mode
All it's missing is the more-installation-friendly HDMI digital input

Performance: 88
Looked great with DVD; surprisingly good with HD material
Dial down the light output and you still have a high-contrast picture with great blacks

Ergonomics: 89
Multiple user memories for daytime- and evening-preferred viewing settings, sports and game-box modes
Backlit remote has discrete codes for power on/off, inputs

Overall Rating: 88
This little DLP powerhouse has a lot going for it, once you spend a few minutes during setup to tame the flamethrower-bright light output. More than a few times, I had to remind myself that this wasn't a full-on HD DLP projector.

General Information
HC900 DLP Projector, $2,995
Mitsubishi Digital Electronics,
(888) 307-0349
Dealer Locator Code MSU

(888) 307-0349