Mits Dumps LCDs in Favor of RPTVs

Over the past several years several major TV makers have discontinued their rear-projection TVs to concentrate on flat panel TVs. Mitsubishi is going in the opposite direction, dumping its LCD line in favor of rear-projection sets.

Mitsubishi's RPTVs use both Texas Instruments DLP technology and its own Laservue technology.

Mitsubishi is also not interested in small screens. Henceforth the company will offer sets of 73 inches and up, a range of sizes in which LCD and plasma sets are relatively rare. "The goal is to reclaim our position as the 'large screen' company," said a press release.

Downsizing will accompany the shift in focus, with some offices closed and the rest consolidated in Irvine, California. The factory in Mexicali will also shrink a little but will continue to manufacture and assemble TVs.

Mitsubishi's professional division will expand to Central and South America. It will continue to sell projectors, display walls, large public display screens, and printers.

See TWICE and press release via Engadget.

FarmerBob's picture

The picture is incredible. And far better than the same size or larger LCD unit and any brand. Everything is gorgeous on it. Crap is gorgeous, OK stuff is gorgeous, Gorgeous stuff is even more gorgeous!!!! AND mine is a 6 color unit, big deal Sharp and your 4th color - Yellow, I have two more than that. And it's capable of 1080p24, 30, 60 with no motion blur because the mirrors on the chip move 1000 times faster than the LCD doors. So when a station sends you a picture that has motion blur in it, it's on their end. Not yours. PLUS it was 3D ready out of the box close to 3 years ago.

Season 1 of Spartacus via VOD on DISH was enough to bring a tear to your eye. That's if it wasn't full of splattered blood. Although my Samsung has no widgets, I really don't care. It was purchased and used as a monitor not a cell phone. I can get all that from a BD player anyway. And they are a lot cheaper and easier to trade out.

Bottom line: If Mitsubishi, I loved my 35" DiamondVision CRT too, is making a move like this, ya gotta know it's for the best and will be the best. When I got my Samsung I was suppose to get the Mitsu LED DLP. But the last one that they had went missing off the dock, Mitsubishi had just put a hold on making them too, and I was sub'd a Samsung LED DLP, which Sammy has stopped making, which also went missing. So I ended up with the standard lamp DLP, which critics say has a richer picture, practically for free, so . . . I made out like a bandit and am quite satisfied with the lamp version that as over 6000 hours on a 4000 hour bulb. And when it does go out, once replaced, free in warranty, $99 out, I'll have a new TV. But these new LED/Lasers should be just plain nutz!

Can't wait.

Oh by the way, if you go to a movie theater for a 3D movie, that is using an electronic projector, it is DLP. A little more complex, but the same technology and format that will probably take the forefront when the final 3D spec is ratified.