MiND your FLAs

In response to the proliferation of TLAs (Three Letter Acronyms), the electronics industry is rolling out a new generation of FLAs (Four Letter Acronyms).

For example, Clarion has introduced the MiND (Mobile Internet Navigation Device) concept product. MiND is yet another splendid example of hyper-connectivity. A MiND will have built-in touchscreen, WiFi, WiMAX, Bluetooth, and GPS. It will provide navigation, traffic information, media player, internet browser to selected sites, hands-free phone when paired with a Bluetooth phone, camera, high-resolution display, email, flash music payer, image viewer, widget, etc, etc, etc. A MiND could be used at home, in a vehicle, or as a handheld. Reportedly the MiND will be available in September for $800 or so.

The interesting point: If you think you’re addicted to your iPod or Crackberry, just you wait. Small boxes are going to get even more indispensable. They will consolidate just about everything you can’t live without. These electronic miracles will be wildly popular . . until they’re obsoleted and replaced by FLAs (Five Letter Acronyms), that is.
—Ken C. Pohlmann