A Million to One: LG's New LED-backlit LCD TV

LG is making a splash this summer with a rather impressive lineup of new products, obviously not waiting for the holiday buying season. One of the latest announcements is a new 47-inch model with 120Hz frame-rate processing.

Not for the budget-conscious, the 47LG90 is a 1080p LCD model that uses an array of 1,536 individual LEDs, combined into 128 blocks of 12 LEDs to provide local dimming regions that vary between full brightness or fully shut down.   

What does all that mean in terms we can actually understand?

By using local dimming technology, the 47LG90 can claim a "mega" contrast ratio of 1,000,000:1. Wow.

Other specs include 24p Real Cinema for film viewing without pulldown, AV Mode, Clear Voice, USB 2.0 for JPEG and MP3 playback, 3 HDMI V.1.3 with Deep Color, and Intelligent Sensor which provides automatic image quality optimization of brightness and color.

The TV features blue color accents set against a high-gloss black finish, all in an attractive teardrop design.

The TruMotion 47LG90 will retail in September for $3,599. Not too shabby if a million-to-one contrast ratio is high on your wish list. -Leslie Shapiro

47LG90 Spec Sheet