Microsoft Bans Up to a Million Modded Xbox 360 Players

For obvious reasons, Microsoft has never been a big fan of people alter their Xbox 360 consoles to play copied games. Their standard punishment usually comes in the form of a quick swing of the Xbox Live banhammer, which disallows modders to play online or access any of the other Xbox Live amenities, like Netflix streaming. This week it's being reported that up to a million users suffered that exact fate as part of a mass-banning, which was timed to coincide with the release of Modern Warfare 2. In the past, the bans have been permanent, making the only way to access online content to buy an entirely new console. It's not clear if MS will hold to that for this wave of executions, but if they do, gamers with no interest in going online will probably be able to get a very good deal on an a used, modded Xbox 360 over the next couple of weeks. Now that we got that blog post out of the way, it's back to playing MW2 on my unmodded Xbox 360.

Source: CNN -Stan Horaczek