Meridian to Sooloos: "Looks good. We'll buy it!"

 Several days ago we ran a blog on Sooloos new Ensemble music server system. Looks like we weren't the only ones that liked the digital magic that Sooloos was cookin' up. In fact, Meridian liked it so much, they bought the company!

Meridian's Chairman, Bob Stuart commented, "Our two companies have been following one another's success for some time. We share very similar philosophies and passions for music and total design excellence."

Enno Vandermeer, Sooloos' founder and CEO, kept the love going by replying, "Now the most fun, interactive and social way to access your music, photos, and video is also the best-sounding and most visually stunning digital media system on the market."

In a serendipitous coincidence, it just so happens that we have a full review of Sooloos coming out shortly. Stay tuned.....--John Sciacca