A Media Server Wrapped in Nostalgia

Qsonix, manufacturers of music management and media servers, offers up a delightful way for family and friends to cue up music for parties, special events, or just casual listening. Tap on the screen and cue up some songs to make an instant playlist or choose an existing playlist. It takes just a few minutes to create the perfect atmosphere using Qsonix simple drag-and-drop user interface,

Qsonix QJB110 Nostalgic Digital Jukebox is a 1940’s-era jukebox that may look antique in its handcrafted solid walnut and die cast metal enclosure but underneath all those bright lights is an advanced music management system that puts your entire music library at your fingertips with a large 15" touch screen.

The QJB110 can be part of an existing Qsonix management system or exist completely on its own. it contains a 500GB hard drive and is capable of storing 1400 CDs of lossless audio or up to 9000 CDs of compressed audio.

You can rip your CDs right into the Jukebox and it will pull off all the metadata including cover art, musician, title, and track information. It immediately appears on the touch screen and is now part of your library.

When you want to play an album, touch the album cover image on the screen and drag it with your finger over to the “play” area. Move one, ten, or a hundred songs to make customized playlists that you can save into memory for continued use. Fast Preview allows you to hear the first few seconds of any song without interrupting your current playlist.

The Qsonix QJB110 integrates easily into existing home networks. There are up to four independent zones of music playback and each zone can play a different playlist. An RS-232 connection is provided for connection to other home control systems. It also offers direct transfers to your iPod and burns playlists to CDs.

The QJB110 flawlessly integrates with the Music Giants music store for purchasing new songs as lossless audio that is DRM free,

The QJB110 can operate as a stand-alone system in one zone of audio since it contains a pair of 3-way speakers with an 8” subwoofer powered by your choice of multi-channel amps or Qsonix's optional 360-watt amplifier.

This stylin' music management system can be yours starting at $14,000. Who ever said nostalgia was cheap?