Martin Logan Debuts “Theater” Center Channel

Lawrence, Kansas—based MartinLogan, one of the world’s premier manufacturers of electrostatic loudspeakers, has announced its new “Theater” center channel speaker for home theater use. The Theater is intended to accompany any of the company’s CLS[TM] (curvilinear line source) electrostatic panels, which range in price from $1,695 to $70,000 per pair. The “Theater” is claimed to offer a “new reference level” for center channel speakers.

The importance of a high-performance center channel cannot be overemphasized, according to MartinLogan founder and president Gayle Sanders. “An outstanding theater experience hinges on the center channel and its capacity to render the real world in all its texture and power,” he says.

Extensive research and development at company laboratories has resulted in a “reference level center channel speaker capable of providing extended levels of power, dynamic range and clarity,” Sanders explains.

The $2495 “Theater” replaces MartinLogan’s “Logos” loudspeaker, the world’s first electrostatic center channel, introduced in 1993. The new model features an electrostatic panel flanked by twin 6.5” bass drivers for precise performance with minimum room interaction. A multi-mount stand makes the “Theater” easy to adapt to almost any position in a typical home theater system.