March Madness on Your Computer or in HD

Can't watch the NCAA March Madness tournament in the cozy confines of your living room because your kids are watching their favorite episode of SpongeBob Squarepants (again)? Or maybe you need a way to watch the games at the office and still look like you're doing real work. The NCAA feels your pain.

The NCAA is going to make it easier - and cheaper - for you to watch any of the 56 games from the first three rounds of the tournament being covered by CBS Sports television. Highlights and recaps will also be available for viewing. Of course, you'll have to watch the games on one of those tiny little media player windows on your computer screen - but, hey, it's free, so don't complain. (You can also complain that local blackout rules will limit availability to 37 games for most people, but no one will listen to you.)

Wathing any of the games available on NCAA March Madness on Demand is free, but recomends that you register for a free VIP pass to "get quicker access to the action than General Admission ticket holders." You can register for a free VIP Pass at before March 16th.

According to CBS, there'll be a total of 39 games from the NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Tournament broadcast by CBS in High Definition - including the two final four games and the National Championship Game in prime time on April 3rd.

VIZIO is taking advantage of the anticipated spike in interest in High Definition by announcing the introduction of a couple of new flat-panel HDTVs and price reductions on current models.

VIZIO's new P42HDTV is a 42-inch high-definition plasma TV (1024 x 768) with dual tuners - including ATSC off-air, clear QAM digital cable, and NTSC tuners. VIZIO expects the new model to go on sale for $1,499 March 20th.

Two of VIZIO's high-definition LCD sets now include integrated ATSC tuners. The new 32-inch L32HDTV (1366 x 768) is said to have a Zero Bright Pixel Defect Guarantee and an 8 ms response time for $999. It's scheduled to be available on March 20th, also. A 37-inch version, the L37HDTV, is currently available for $1,499.