Make Your TV Disappear

Inca won’t win any awards for the pedestrian name it has bestowed upon its latest TV concealment system, but the “Vertical Step Back & Rise” mechanism (900806-VSR) is sure to elicit oohs and aahs from unsuspecting bystanders.

The hidden automation system retracts and then gently moves a panel in a wall (or cabinet) to reveal or conceal a television with a screen size up to 110 inches.

Made of aluminum, the motorized mechanism comes fully assembled and consists of moving bearings in milled guides and adjustable fittings that attach to the concealment panel. The lift bar can be built to accommodate any size panel or “door” as long as it weighs less than 150 pounds.

Control options include an RF or infrared remote, a fixed rocker switch, or a 12-volt DC contact closure for touch-screen controllers. The system includes an external junction box.

Watch Inca’s “VSBR” mechanism work its magic here.

“This machine is perfect to hide televisions, safes, art works, or any item that needs to be protected,” Inca said, noting that the mechanism is easy to install.

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