"Magic": Early Vinyl Gets the Grammy?

Hot on the heels of my Bruce Springsteen post last week comes word that his new album with the E Street Band, due October 2 on CD, will appear on LP a full week earlier, on September 25.

Why? Because the cutoff date for albums to be eligible for the 2007 Grammy Awards is September 30. A-ha!

Of course, the very fact that the cutoff date for the year is three months before the END of the year is, ahem, RIDICULOUS! Every year, some important records miss that cutoff - which explains why the Grammys have always been hopelessly out of sync with the rest of the award-givers and Top 10 listers. Really, it's time that the Grammy folks joined the rest of the world and made their cutoff date, if not December 31, then at least November 30. (Very few albums are released during the month of December. It's considered too late for extended holiday shopping.)

Anyway, vinyl junkies, you can now beat the rest of the Boss's fans by 7 days. So get ready. Meanwhile, here's the cover art.

And get ready for the tour, everybody. It will happen. -Ken Richardson