Madrigal Controller Simplifies Systems Operation

One of the most difficult aspects of home entertainment systems is getting equipment from many different manufacturers to operate as one system. It's bad enough with a simple video-and-sound setup, but add projector, screen, drapes, lighting, and security, and you've got a technical nightmare.

To the rescue comes Madrigal Audio Laboratories. The Middletown, CT-based high-end manufacturer has just announced its new Audioaccess PX-700 Touchscreen Controller (ATC) for multi-room systems. The ATC not only integrates basic functions such as source selection and volume, but also allows direct control over every component in a system. An RS-232/422 computer interface allows further expansion beyond that capable with an ordinary learning remote---such as controlling lights and external security systems. A "librarian" function lets the ATC work as a sort of jukebox manager, selecting music by title, artist, or genre for any part of a multi-room system.

Madrigal has made the installation and integration of the ATC easy with the inclusion of a set of "pre-loaded templates" that are said to speed up the programming for the device. "The new Audioaccess Touchscreen Controller represents a significant advance in the technology of providing enhanced control functions within a multi-room system while maintaining the classic Audioaccess ease-of-use interface,'" says company CEO Phil Muzio of the PX-700. "We feel that the ATC will be an exciting addition to the expanding Audioaccess line."

Available in four colors---white, ivory, almond, and black---the ATC retails for $1200. Separate mounting brackets and in-wall electrical boxes are available for installations that require them. The PX-700 ATC should arrive at Audioaccess dealers this month.