MacDaddy McIntosh Lineup

Ask anyone the name of the company that still makes tube amplifiers, and odds are everyone will say McIntosh. Not the bright red variety of apple, and certainly not the computer variety, but McIntosh Laboratory. Now the amplifier gurus are producing a new array of products that will get everyone excited, fan of Mc or not.

New this year is the first fully-balanced tube amplifier from McIntosh, the MC2301, retailing for $11,000.  This is a 300-watt vacuum tube power amp.

With 250-watts per channel, the new MA7000 is an integrated amplifier that will see for $8,000. The MA6600 integrated amp has 200 watts per channel and will sell for $6,000.

The company is branching out their speaker business too with the new XCSIK, which is a full-range line array center channel speaker. Suggested retail price is $17,500.Xcs1kfrontnogrille_speakersl_rdax_7

Finally, proof that high-resolution audio isn't dead yet, the MCD301. This is a 24-bit SACD/CD player with a suggested price of $4,500.

None of these products are priced for the faint of heart, but fans of McIntosh products are a pretty bold bunch.-Leslie Shapiro

Via Electronic House