Lost in the Blu

Buena Vista
Movie ••••½ Picture ••••• Sound ••••• Extras ••••½
TV's benchmark for A/V quality turns it up yet another notch for its second offering on Blu-ray Disc. The palette of Lost is as lush as ever; besides the always astonishing blues and greens, additional colors shine, such as the mustard yellow of the Others' barracks. Sonics continue to be superior; deafening helicopter-rotor swooshes swathe the surrounds, and explosions are seriously subwoofer-rattling, especially on the freighter that fuels Season 4's main on-the-island story arc.

Disc 5 has more than 4 hours of extras, including a live symphonic performance of Michael Giacchino's typically sublime score and a featurette that tracks the show's rampant gun use. Meanwhile, when it comes to creative teams analyzing their own work, executive producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse again show why they're among the best. Their 82-minute season-finale commentary is awash with insight, improv humor, and discussion of the groundwork already laid for Season 5. Lost hasn't lost a step, and Blu-ray is clearly the best way to expand your experience with it.