Logitech Harmony One Universal Remote Review System

Review System

Dish Network ViP722 HD DVR
TiVo Series3 HD DVR
Samsung BD-UP5000 Blu-ray/HD DVD player

Pioneer VSX-49TXi AVR

Epson PowerLite Pro Cinema 1080
Screen Research ClearPix2 (60" wide, 1.0 gain)

PSB Image T65 (L/R), C60 (center), S50 (surrounds), SubSonic 6i (sub)

Interconnect: AudioQuest Topaz analog audio
Digital: AudioQuest Digital 2 audio coax
Speaker: AudioQuest Type 4
Video: AudioQuest Video 2 composite, S2 S-video, YIQ 2 component

bradenton322's picture

Just think the power one person can have in their hand. Televisions, DVD Players and other devices could be controlled flawlessly and without much effort. No longer looking at small printed numbers (Sometimes looking like foreign print) wondering which code in a Universal Remote may turn off the TV but not control Menu Button. Put away the magnifying glass as the last remote you will ever need is here.. Wait is this a dream...Was I dreaming or is it really here..We must wait to find out...

hifidan's picture

Would love to get another one.
Good luck to everybody...