LG unveiling new high-tech HDTVs at IFA


The IFA consumer electronics trade show in Berlin is giving electronics companies ample opportunity to show off their newest toys, and LG is taking that opportunity and run with it. The company will show off a slew of new displays, chock-full of bleeding-edge tech.

First, the company will be displaying a 31-inch OLED HDTV prototype. While 31 inches is downright puny for HDTVs, it's much larger than the Sony XEL-1, and could restore confidence in the developing technology.

Second, LG will unveil a 180-inch plasma HDTV. Not only could this be the world's largest plasma HDTV yet, but it certainly is the world's largest 3D-capable plasma HDTV. Like the OLED HDTV, this giant display is just a prototype.

Finally, LG will display the ultra-thin LEX8 3D HDTV. The LEX8 is a "NANO LED" screen that measures just 0.88 cm thick. Once again, LG's new screen straddles the superlative with its slenderness. While the pricing and availability hasn't yet been announced, the LEX8 seems to be a production model HDTV and not a prototype.

Will Greenwald