LG: A Toast To Wireless

LG's new LHT888 HTiB system is hitting the streets with wireless rear speakers and a look that's bound to impress.  The champagne glass shape to the speakers gives this affordable DVD system an elegant look that belies the price. How's it sound? Since it's tuned by Mark Levinson, you can expect the LHT888 to sound great. What do you know -- it will play DVD-Audio too. What else does it include?

Lg_lifesgood Although the LHT888 doesn't have Blu-ray, the built-in DVD player will upconvert to 1080p with HDMI inputes. There's a USB input to play digital music, photos and video.  It features LG SimpLink to control other LG equipment through the HDMI connectors.

For setup simplicity, the LHT888 has wireless rear speakers -- although they will need access to AC power.  However, not running speaker cables across the room makes this system a logical choice for anyone who has to fight to get new equipment past the decorator in the house.

The specs are good -- 700 watts, including 200 watts for the subwoofer. Suggested retail price is $649.95, which isn't bad for a floor-standing non-Blu-ray system. Break out the bubbly!- Leslie Shapiro