LG OLED Pricing and Availability

When LG announced the EM9600 55-inch OLED flat panel at CES last January, its price and availability were not included in the press release, leading to unbridled speculation. Well, it seems that speculation can now be put to rest. According to an article from Korean outlet MK Business News, LG plans to stage a big launch event at the Cannes Film Festival in May, moving its timetable up from the second half of the year to take advantage of the demand that will surely accompany the 2012 Olympics this summer. And the price? Approximately 9 million Korean won, which is right around $8000.

Thanks to reader johnnyd for sending me the link to the story on techbargains.com, which led to the primary source at MK Business News.

David Vaughn's picture
Not too bad of price for a first generation set. I doubt they'll sell many of them though, but at least it's a start. I'd pay $8k for a 92 inch model though :)
aleksandr's picture

I can't wait for the Tom Norton review... Is it Going to be the ultimate display?

K.Reid's picture

The OLED panels look very promising. The panels are so incredibly thin. I look forward to the HT review and will reserve judgment until then. It will be a first generation product, so who know what issues there might be. Hopefully, they will be a standout products.

Jarod's picture

I agree I can't wait to read Toms review on one of these. Excited for Samsungs OLED as well.

johnnyd's picture

Glad to be of service. Waited outside the conference room at CES to say hello, but I guess you were running late. Maybe next year.

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