LG's Next-Gen 55-Inch OLED TV Will Sell for $3,500

LG announced plans to launch its next-generation 55-inch OLED TV in late August.

BestBuy is taking preorders for the Model 55EC9300 on its Website and will start selling the TV in stores on August 24 at a "retail price" of $3,500.

The new model, featuring an “bezel-less” 0.17-inch-thick curved screen, will be the third OLED TV LG has released over the past year and will sell for 75 percent less than the company’s first-generation 55-inch OLED model.

Equipped with LG’s “WRGB” OLED technology, the TV is said to deliver “infinite contrast ratio,” fast response time, and a wide viewing angle. The 55EC9300 is also LG’s first OLED TV to feature the company’s Smart TV+ webOS connected TV platform, designed to offer quick transitions between broadcast TV, streaming services, and external devices. The new platform includes a recommendation feature to help viewers sift through content options, which include Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Instant Video, Hulu Plus, and other streaming services. TV operations are carried out via LG’s versatile Magic Remote, which works with gesture, point and click, scroll, and voice commands.

The TV is also one of the first OLED TVs to be Energy Star-certified and it automatically adjusts brightness to match the viewing environment. According to the Federal Trade Commission’s “Energy Guide” label, the LG 55EC9300 has an estimated yearly energy cost of $17 (based on 11 cents per kWh and 5 hours use per day).

Unlike previous curved OLED TVs, the TV can be wall-mounted and comes with a sleek stand.

“In the wake of plasma’s decline, it’s more important than ever to bring OLED to consumers who are looking for the highest level of contrast and color performance,” said Dave Vanderwaal, head of marketing at LG Electronics USA. “Due to manufacturing efficiencies, LG’s 55-inch curved OLED is now priced comparably to curved LED TVs on the market, but with improved picture quality benefits.”

More information on LG’s OLED TVs is available at lg.com.

MatthewWeflen's picture

Make it flat and people might actually be interested this time around.

gunhed's picture

It is listed for 6999.99 on the LG USA site ?

Bob Ankosko's picture
LG has clarified that $3,500 is the "retail price" vs. the $7,000 on it's website -- actually, $6,999.99 -- which is the "suggested price."
trynberg's picture

Amen, MatthewWeflen. This curved form-factor is ridiculous. I'm looking to finally replace my 10 year old Mits Diamond RPTV. This TV in a flat 65" version would do it.

tommygunzz's picture

Give me a flat 75 to 80 inch OLED at a affordable price, and I am there!!

notabadname's picture

Oh, and add passive 3D please. Then this would be perfect at 85" and flat.

notabadname's picture

It is passive. I meant to say "and make it Ultra HD".

Markoz's picture

I agree with MatthewWeflen and trynberg, give me a flat screen. The whole curved screen concept is dumb.

geogan's picture

Yeah there NEEDS to be flat versions. Notice the way they are using abstract shapes such as the orchid in the PR images so you don't notice the DISTORTION from the curve as much as say a square or rectangular object in the picture would!...