Leather Center Expands Line of Home Theater Seating

Home theater means more than great sound and a gorgeous picture. It also means having a comfortable seat while enjoying the movies, but---as many home theater fans have discovered---what's comfortable isn't necessarily stylish or good-looking.

Leather Center covers all the bases with its new line of home theater seating products. The Carrolton, TX-based furniture maker's designs include eight models with manual or power recliners, built-in cupholders, and a wide variety of styles from traditional to contemporary. The seating is available in more than 100 colors in 14 grades of leather.

Recent additions to the Leather Center line include the Brentwood, a traditional club chair design with full rolled armrests; the Nikko, with an angular contemporary look, and the Pacific, with sleek rounded contours that would fit into many homes. All three models are modular designs that can be configured as single seating, loveseats, or multiples.

Leather Center home-theater products are distributed only through Audio/Video dealers and custom installers, not through furniture retailers or through Leather Center's own showrooms. The company's service technicians handle all maintenance and repair of seating mechanisms and accidental damage to the leather. You can learn more about Leather Center products at the company's website.