Korg’s New Recording System Turns Vinyl into DSD

Korg, world-renowned maker of keyboards and synthesizers, has introduced a DSD recording system that turns vinyl recordings into high-resolution files.

The DS-DAC-10R ($599) is hailed as the world's first USB DAC/ADC (digital-to-analog/analog-to-digital converter) with a built-in “studio-grade” headphone amp, moving-magnet phono input, and asynchronous bi-directional USB control for recording and playback in native 1-bit DSD or PCM hi-res audio.

The system, which supports 2.8 MHz or 5.6 MHz DSD and PCM up to 24/192 KHz, “allows fans of retro audio to manage their record collection as music data and enjoy it more easily, without surface noise, ticks, or pops,” according to Bob Rapoport, CEO of Essence For Hi Res Audio, the St. Petersburg, Florida-based company responsible for bringing the DS-DAC-10R to the audiophile market.

Phono jacks allow the DS-DAC-10R to connect directly to a turntable so records can be quickly converted via DSD into high-resolution data files—there's even a grounding terminal and six RIAA EQ curves to choose from. The device also has line-level inputs for archiving irreplaceable analog recordings—on open-reel or cassette, for example. Proprietary Audiogate 4 software is included for playing and managing the recordings from any PC, Apple computer, or iAudiogate-equipped iOS smartphone.

“Its unique ability to record analog content digitally as native DSD is a breakthrough for the home recording enthusiast—nothing else on the market can do this all in one box, with higher quality, or at a lower price,” Rapoport said. “The fact is, there's not enough hi-res content of the classics in all genres. This device enables end users to create their own hi-res versions of those classics and keep them archived in their computer."