Konka's Small Room Solution: Versatile HD3298u

Not every home theater enthusiast has space for a big screen and a bulky projector. If your taste in home entertainment runs toward cozier rooms, perhaps you should look at a smaller high-definition CRT display, like the HD3298u from Konka.

Top of Konka's line of television sets and DVD players, the HD3298u features a 32-inch (diagonal) flat screen with a high-definition picture tube. The 16:9 aspect ratio accommodates both widescreen pictures and standard 4:3 images. Dual digital NTSC and ATSC tuners make the set compatible with traditional over-the-air broadcasting as well as all varieties of digital video signals. Legacy video content, such as videotape or DVD, can be boosted to a higher level of resolution by an inboard progressive line doubling processor. A 3D digital comb filter removes video noise and unwanted artifacts from the picture.

The HD3298u is fully capable of displaying 1080i images, provides Dolby Digital AC-3 surround sound decoding, and has its own internal 20-watt audio amplifier to drive its built-in stereo loudspeakers. Three sets of audio/video inputs and outputs make this unit a versatile performer ideal for smaller rooms.