Klipsch Preserves Audio History

Klipsch yesterday announced the formation of the Klipsch Heritage Museum Association (KHMA) to preserve and study the materials from the Klipsch Museum of Audio History that has stood in Hope, Arkansas since 1979.

The museum includes the original Klipsch factory and its surrounding property as well as the archives of company founder Paul W. Klipsch. The non-profit association’s mission is to display and preserve for posterity the ideas, research, designs, documents, accomplishments, and loudspeakers from the archives of Paul W. Klipsch and Klipsch and Associates, as well as to host educational activities and events.

“This is an important and necessary step in our quest to preserve the legacy of Paul W. Klipsch who is one of the founding fathers of the audio industry,” said Klipsch CEO Paul Jacobs. “His genius has stood the test of time, serving as an inspiration to myself and countless others. As we look to the future, it is important that generations to come have the opportunity to learn from his incredible work,”

Jim Hunter, who will retire at the end of 2016 from Klipsch Group, Inc., will serve as curator of the museum. He has tended to the archives for the past 37 years as Klipsch Historian while serving as a product engineer and program manager.

“Our vision for the Klipsch Museum of Audio History is to foster interest in science, technology, engineering and mathematics through the example of Paul W. Klipsch,” Hunter said. “I was fortunate enough to work alongside him for years and it is truly my pleasure to continue my life-long passion in preserving his genius.”

Official efforts to form the KHMA were announced on May 21, 2016 during the annual Klipsch Pilgrimage, which is a gathering for Klipsch enthusiasts from all over the country. In June 2016, the KHMA was officially incorporated in the state of Arkansas and is currently in the process of establishing bylaws and tax-exempt status.

The KHMA is not currently soliciting members or funds until those capacities are in place at which time another announcement will be made.

For more on the museum and its contents, visit klipsch.com.