Kaleidescape's DVD Movie Server

Ever wish you could afford a Kaleidescape system? Well, now it's more affordable than ever before to bring their intuitive and comprehensive products into you living room with the introduction of Cinema One, a stand-alone DVD Movie Server, which is their first offering to a broader audience and features kid-friendly operation.

The Cinema One is an out-of-the-box DVD movie server that provides hassle-free, instant viewing and management of an entire movie collection. As the company's first system priced at $4,995 US MSRP, Kaleidescape hopes to reach a broader customer base, especially since the Cinema One is designed to meet the needs of young children by automatically switching to a more simplified user interface when the special Child Remote is used.

Overall, this is the simplest Kaleidescape system to install and operate and certainly the least expensive. The Cinema One is a single component movie server capable of storing 225 DVDs or 2,500 CDs - yet installs as easily as an ordinary DVD player. Cinema One is based on and replaces the Kaleidescape Mini System, and is ideal for the retail market because it eliminates the need for storage configuration and complex installation.

The key features include:
Instant Viewing Press play and any movie, concert, or television episode starts instantly, without the frustration of having to physically locate the disc, navigate confusing menus, or sit through ads. Easily browse and sort an entire collection by title, actor, director, genre, year-of-release, or running time.
Kid Friendly Even toddlers can find and play their own movies, and parents have complete control over the content available to their children.
Simple Installation Installs easily by connecting power, the Internet, and a television display. With the included Kaleidescape Remote and Child Remote, Cinema One is ready for immediate use.
Independent Music Zones Includes two independent music zones, enabling a movie to be watched in one room while music is enjoyed in other parts of the home.
Effortless Expansion For more storage or to share movies with another TV, simply add another Cinema One or a Kaleidescape player to the home network. In fact, any Kaleidescape component works seamlessly with the Cinema One.

For more information contact a Kaleidescape dealer or go to www.kaleidescape.com