Kaleidescape Compact Terra 12TB Movie Server Review Specs

DIMENSIONS (W x H x D, inches): 7.87 x 1.52 x 14.33
WEIGHT (pounds) 7.2

Company Info
(650) 625-6100
(650) 625-6100

jeff-henning's picture

I certainly do understand having a video collection. The majority of mine is concert films. To each his own.

What I can't understand is anything like this. The price is astronomical and it doesn't do anything that a Shield Pro and a big NAS do for less than 1/10 the price.

I will give you that the integrated browser is certainly better than the menagerie of cheesy Android TV apps out there, but $11K?

Given the proliferation of streaming services, I'm at a loss as to why anyone would need this box. Is firing up Netflix or Amazon or playing a disc too arduous?

pw's picture

Why pay over $10,000 for movies that will now be hitting streaming 30 days after premiere due to Covid..
No Time to Die was available just 22 days after I caught it at the Drive-In..

trynberg's picture

I get that this is a great system if money is no object, but as Jeff mentioned above, an Nvidia Shield with Plex and a HD or NAS provides much of the experience for so little money in comparison.

I think the only real benefit is the availability of 4K titles not available on disc (yet).

djodars's picture

Could you please stop promoting this trash company? A $200 Nvidia Shield with Plex literally does a better job.

mikethemusician's picture

I have owned a Kaleidescape system since 2008. My 3U Server is now paired with a 22 TB Terra Server. Video via a SONY VPL-VW915ES Projector is excellent & the 4K picture is my best source -- though I love 4K via my Roku & other sources. I too wondered whether the system was outdated. But I opted to update it during a system overhaul last summer. My single complaint is my CD collection. The Strato players cannot be used to playback CD audio, and I have a huge CD collection. However, this still works through the old system & Kaleidescape announced they'll continue to support it. The movie store is fast & easy. The 4K HDR quality is superior to others (and the files are correspondingly larger). I don't believe that more expensive components are inherently better (which Is why I was a David Hafler fan), but, at least for the moment, our updated Kaleidescape system has proved to be an excellent product.