JVC's First Blu-ray HTIB also has DivX

JVC is making a somewhat tentative step into the Blu-ray world with the new NX-BD3 home theater system. The NX-BD3 is a 2.1 channel system.

Why not jump in with a full 5.1 system to really show off the audio benefits of Blu-ray?

Perhaps because the NX-BD3 doesn't have DTS-HD MA or Dolby TrueHD. Maybe when it gets released to the US market, that little oversight will be corrected. (Along with adding Profile 2.0 . . .)

Back on track, the NX-BD3 does include DNLA support and DivX certification, with playback of the format from CD or DVD.

From DivX.com: "The demand for DivX video playback in living room consumer electronics encouraged us to consider it as a checklist feature for our next generation home theater system," said Hiroshi Nishiumi, Deputy General Manager of Engineering Department, Audio/Video Systems Division, Victor Company of Japan, Limited (JVC). The NX-BD3 provides our customers with a premium entertainment experience and we believe that working with DivX has considerably enhanced this, differentiating us from our competitors.

More details on the NX-BD3 . . .

The NX-BD3 has a 200-watt powered subwoofer and the built-in amplifier provides 4 x 55 watts. Why four? Hopefully so you'll immediately add rear satellites before you even begin watching a Blu-ray disc. However, the two speakers are said to create a virtual surround sound with phantom center and a virtual rear. It supports 24fps video and x.v.Color and Deep Color. There is a single HDMI 1.3a output.

This isn't really a cheap way to get into Blu-ray - it's set to retail for $1,450 in Europe. Seems a bit high for a 2.1 Blu-ray system. -Leslie Shapiro