JVC: Lean and Green

At the past few CES's, manufacturers were all striving to produce the "World's LARGEST" TVs. We seemed to have gotten bored with that category, and really, who needs a 106-inch TV? This year, the trend is to see who can produce the thinnest. Admit it - you can never, ever be too thin.

JVC is announcing that their latest prototype LCD will be the lightest 32-inch TV out there, and almost the thinnest. Samsung just announced a 6.5mm, and this one measures a waif-like 7mm.

It weighs in at . . .

a mere 5kg. No beefy stands necessary - in fact, you could easily hang this from the ceiling.  It weighs less than many lighting fixtures.

Victor3 The specs aren't shabby - it has 1080p resolution and LED backlighting. It uses less mercury than existing designs, making it much safer for the environment.

This is a lean, green, TV-viewing machine. --Leslie Shapiro

JVC Victor (Japanese)