JVC DLA-HD750 D-ILA Projector Settings


Unit-to-unit sample variations (which can be quite substantial in lamp-based projectors), screen size, the viewing environment, and the source might render these settings less than optimum. We strongly recommend that you confirm the results on your sample by using a good display setup DVD and/or Blu-ray to get as close as possible to an optimum picture short of a full color temperature (grayscale) and Color Management System calibration. The latter two are best left to a trained and properly equipped technician, such as those certified by the Imaging Science Foundation (ISF) or THX.

Picture Adjust Menu
Picture Mode: User 1
Contrast: 13
Brightness: -7
Color: 0
Tint: 0
Color Temp.: Custom 1
Gamma: Custom 1
Lens Aperture: -12

Color Temp. Custom 1
Gain Red: 0
Gain Green: -22
Gain Blue: -48
Offset Red: 1
Offset Green: 0
Offset Blue 1

Gamma Custom 1
Correction Value: 2.3

Sharpness: 0
Detail Enhance: 0

Color Management Custom 1
Hue: 4
Saturation: -28
Brightness: 7

Hue: -2
Saturation: -30
Brightness: 12

Hue: -5
Saturation: -30
Brightness: 11

Hue: 0
Saturation: -30
Brightness: 12

Hue: 5
Saturation: -18
Brightness: 1

Magenta Hue: 1 Saturation: -28 Brightness: 7

Input Signal Menu
HDMI Input: Enhanced
Color Space: Auto

Function Menu
Lamp Power: Normal