JVC DLA-G150CL D-ILA front projector Calibration


The JVC DLA-G150CL can be tweaked beyond its factory settings to get a more accurate gray scale. You'll need a color analyzer that's been corrected for xenon lamps. Adjust a PLUGE pattern for brightness and contrast and use a gray-scale pattern with steps at 85–100% to make sure you aren't crushing whites as you repeatedly check for correct black levels.

Once this is done, a stepped gray-scale ramp can be used to fine-tune the RGB drive. The JVC's factory settings had the projector hitting D6500 at the high end of the gray scale, but my calibration brought the color temperature close to D6500 from 4% to 60% of full white. The projector drifted over 7000K at 80% white, but I didn't find this objectionable.

Contrast measured 155:1 ANSI and 244:1 peak in RGB mode, dropping to 133:1 ANSI and 200:1 peak in video mode. Brightness uniformity was very good, at 82% center-to-corner.

The 2–3:1 zoom lens had very good text sharpness: uniform across the screen. I did see evidence of pincushioning as the lens zoomed in and out, and there was some lens flare. Unless you really need the long-throw lens, I suggest setting up for a standard 1.5:1 projection throw.—PP