"Journey to the Center" in 3-D Blu

Did you see Brendan Fraser in 3-D this summer? Journey to the Center of the Earth was in select theaters and IMAX theaters in 3-D, in addition to a widespread 2-D release.

Missed it?  This remake of the classic Jules Verne tale is coming to Blu-ray, in 2-D and 3-D, complete with goofy glasses!

The New Line/Warner Home Video Blu-ray should be released on October 28th, the same day as the standard DVD. Both will have an audio commentary by Fraser, a selection of featurettes, and an interactive video game.

What exclusive features will be on this limited edition Blu-ray?

Picture_4 Only the Blu-ray will have the 3-D version, in addition to the 2-D release. Plus, it will come with four pairs of 3-D glasses.  Woo-hoo!

The Blu-ray will also contain a digital copy of the film (in 2-D standard def) that can be transferred to a PC or portable device, though it's not Mac-compatible (hey, when is someone finally going to launch a lawsuit against companies that discriminate against Mac-users?) .

As we said, this is a limited edition. Once supplies of the Blu-rays are gone, only 2-D versions will be released on Blu-ray. Studios should do more editions like this - added features can only help push consumers to purchase Blu-ray. -Leslie Shapiro

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Images courtesy New Line Cinema