iTunes LP format out of reach for small artists

Itunes iTunes 9 comes with a handful of new features, one of which being the new iTunes LP format. It lets labels release complete albums onto the iTunes music store in an interactive form, with lyrics, liner notes, and cover art available directly within the files.

Unfortunately, small labels might have hard times releasing their albums in iTunes LP format, according to a recent report from Gizmodo. It says that small label Chocolate Lab Records attempted to find out how to release their albums in iTunes LP format and were told that it was not being offered to small labels, and that Apple charges a $10,000 processing fee for iTunes LP releases.

There are precious few iTunes LP releases available, and it seems more like a gimmicky feature to hype up the iTunes 9 release, but these policies certainly aren't helping Apple propagate their newest format. The lack of lossless audio in iTunes LP isn't helping, either.

Will Greenwald