iPod in the Sky with Singapore Air

Flying first class has never been this classy. Singapore Airlines, known for their luxurious seating, gourmet in-flight dining, and gorgeous flight attendants is making news again. On their all-business class planes flying from New York and LA to Singapore, your entertainment options are becoming even better. The airplanes have been equipped with iPod/iPhone docks right in the seats. To watch the videos from the iPods or any other inflight option, they've installed 15.4-inch LCD widescreen displays. Panasonic Avionics installed personal portable players in addition to the docks. Singapore also supplies active noise-canceling headphones. What's an important safety feature of this arrangement?

By including a complete system integrated into the airplanes electronics, you'll be able to hear in-flight announcements while wearing the headphones. 

The whole system is part of Singapore Airline's KrisWorld in-flight entertainment system that includes inflight movies, and a USB input so you can watch your vacation photos on the flight home.

The docks will be able to power your device in-flight, so no worries about running out of juice mid-flight. And if you need more OJ-type juice, just ring the flight-attendant call buttom - I'm sure the hotty Singapore Girls won't mind bringing you whatever your little heart desires.-Leslie Shapiro