iPhone Phone Home

Does it get any better?  The clever code jockeys at Millard Software have released a beta version of software that enables an iPhone or iPod Touch to receive XM Radio. Yep, grab your jailbroken phone with firmware version 1.1.4, uXM beta v.53 and an XM Radio subscription, and your iexperience suddenly gets a whole lot better.  Millard admits the code still has some bugs (some channel logos don't load, and sometimes the stream quits after a half hour) but hey - that's the price for being on the bleeding edge. Now, this application doesn't have the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval from XM, so if you're understandably timid about this sort of thing, you'll have to wait until July 11th, when XM will release an official iPhone app at the App Store.

This latest uXM wrinkle works just like iRadio or uSirius (the latter also from Millard). They stream radio to your iPhone via WiFi or EDGE (and will also work over 3G). As long as the bandwidth holds up, I tremble to think what other apps await us in the brave new future of Internet savvy phones.

Siriusly, if you have an iPhone, does it makes any sense not to get a Sirius or XM subscription? Or if you have a Sirius or XM subscription, does it make any sense not to get an iPhone? I didn't think so either. -Ken C. Pohlmann