The iPad Chair

With apps for pretty much every major home automation system and more that are capable of controlling your AV components, the iPad is replacing more expensive remote control touch screens from companies such as Crestron, Control 4, Home Logic, and Savant. In fact, Savant announced they are no longer supplying their own branded touch panels but instead will provide their customers with an iPad pre-loaded with the Savant control app, and customized for their clients.

So, where do you put said iPad? That's where the Elite Home Theater Seating steps in with an ergonomically designed theater chair that holds your iPad. Designed to fit in the cup holder of the Elite HTS chair, you'll be in command at your very own captain's chair.

The iPad is securely held in place by four, sturdy arms allowing you to swivel and pivot the touch panel 360 degrees. In addition, the iPad can be rotated vertically or horizontally, and can even be positioned flat like a table. The dynamic mechanical joint hinge holds any position, and delivers all the pivoting action.

Company Founder and CEO Bobby Bala of Elite Home Theater Seating explains why he was inspired to create a more relaxing iPad experience. "The iPad is a user friendly, relaxing tool that allows you to complete tasks in a fun, efficient, and enjoyable way. The one drawback however, is that it can be a bit difficult to find the optimum ergonomic position when using it, especially since one hand is usually required to hold it. We wanted to enhance the iPad experience by increasing the comfort level of the user. Our testing indicates this increases the level of interaction and escapism with the device."

Not only does the iPad act as command central to your home theater or media room, you can search the web, check your email, read a newspaper or play games from the comfort of the Elite chair.

Elite Home Theater chairs are highly customized, and provide luxury seating that includes motorized reclining. For more information about their chairs and the iPad accessory go to their website.