Introducing Green-ray

In a surprising move, Sony executives called a press conference today and announced that Sony and other licensees would abandon the Blu-ray disc format. According to the Sony spokesperson, "After considerable thought, we've decided that we cannot continue with Blu-ray. The color is just all wrong, and clashes with our wardrobes, not to mention our beautiful hazel eyes."

As the spokesperson was speaking, the press conference was suddenly interrupted when The Incredible Hulk burst through a plate glass window, showering the room in glass shards. Visibly angry, the Hulk tore off the arms . . .

Okay, just kidding. But if you take a second glance at the cover artwork on the Hulk Blu-ray release, you'll notice something just a bit odd.

Yep, instead of the familiar blue band across the top, you'll see a green band. Clearly, an homage to the Green One. Still, it's a bit unusual. Things like logos and colors are carefully controlled to ensure product uniformity. I'm pretty certain that Universal Studios had to get special permission to customize the October 21 release. 

Maybe the Blu-ray folks figured that since HD DVD and its horrid red color was gone, they could cut Universal some slack on the identifying blue Bluy-ray color scheme. Well, in any case, what I want you to do is spend the rest of the evening checking out every disc in your Blu-ray collection, to see if you can spot any other color deviations. And no, crayon do-overs don't count. Ken C. Pohlmann