Inteset Adds Blu-ray to Movie Collection Module

If you've been using Inteset's Movie Collection to rip and organize your movie collection, today's your lucky day.  Well, lucky if you're adding Blu-ray Discs to your collection. Simply insert a Blu-ray (or DVD) and the application will scan the disc and grab information from Inteset's database. Information can also be retrieved by entering UPC code and movie title. How much will the upgrade to Blu-ray cost?

Tour_008_main_movie_2 Zip! Yup - it's free.

Inteset is preferred over Windows Media Center mainly because WMC doesn't attach metadata to ripped discs. Inteset's Movie Collection module is free with all prior and new Inteset servers running Vista Media Center. Storing, searching and playing back movies, be it DVD or Blu-ray Disc, within Windows Media Center is simple. Blu-ray support is standard on the Inteset Maximus media servier and optional on Denzel and Vana media servers.

Here is how Inteset describes their Movie Collection Module: Inteset has created a full featured movie jukebox module for Windows Media Center called Movie Collection. It allows you to search and play back any movie in your collection. Find your movies by title, genre, actors, directors, ratings, or personal favorites. You can view cover art, description, ratings, year released, actors, and other information about each movie. Tap into Inteset's FREE movie profile database to build your collection.

Blu-ray is getting easier and easier. -Leslie Shapiro