Integra DTR-50.2 A/V Receiver Video Test Bench

Video Test Bench

The Integra’s digital processing (HDMI in to HDMI out) is good, apart from a visible rolloff in the chroma resolution at the highest test burst. The latter was more obvious on the Analog Chroma resolution test—too much there to rise above a failing grade. Overall, the Integra’s Digital video processing is above average based on our bench tests, and the tapering off of the chroma resolution should not produce any visible degradation of normal program material.

As with most AVRs and surround processors we test, the analog configuration—that is, not analog in to analog out but rather cross-converting a component input to an HDMI output—should really be used only for noncritical sources. For example, THX doesn’t certify for cross-conversion and does not recommend using it.—TJN

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Beware of Integra. I have a DTR9.9 that the tuner went out of under warantee. It is currently sent in for repair, but the parts are not available to fix it. I am stuck. They won't respond to phone calls or e-mails. They won't return it. They won't offer me a new or replacement unit. Seems like they are just going to keep it until the rest of the 3 year warantee runs out. I spent about 2600 bucks for this. Integra is supposed to be Onkyo's upper level equipment with premier service.

Update: I finally received repaired receiver. I had to pressure dealer with request for replacement unit if they could not get repair parts. Federal warantee laws would require that. Integra customer service was non existant for me and dealer was only helpful after I threatened legal action.