Innoio Smart Beam Pico Projector Measurements

OK, look, this thing wasn't designed to win any picture quality awards. It was designed to look good while being something no one would believe is a projector.

In the business world, what I'm doing is called "managing expectations."

That said, it's surprisingly not bad.

There are no settings at all on the Smart Beam, making setup a breeze. The focus wheel is a little touchy, but allows for precise focus. 

In the, um, Setting, the Smart Beam measures somewhat warm across the entire grayscale range, averaging 6353 Kelvin. There were no serious deviations from the average. 

Colors are all pretty off. Red is oversaturated and slightly magenta. Blue is slightly oversaturated, and a touch magenta. Green is oversaturated, as are yellow and magenta. Cyan is roughly OK. Color levels are all pretty off as well, resulting in a rather oversaturated look to the image. 

Gamma, too, is quite off, with an average 0.8657, showing a significant midrange push. This was less noticeable, given the low brightness of the image overall. There was some crushing of shadow detail.

On a 102-inch, 1.0-gain, 16x9 screen (using just the center 4x3 portion), the Smart Beam produced 1.66 footLamberts with a 100% white image, and 0.0018 ftL with a 100% black image. This is a contrast ratio of 922:1. 

When plugged into my phone, the latter showed it was recharging, implying the Smart Beam was sending some of its battery to the phone.

At this size, pixels were visible from 9-feet away, though mostly only on bright objects (like streetlights).

Innoio Smart Beam Measurements by Geoff Morrison