To Infinity and Beyond

Consider something really bright (like the sun on a sunny day) and something really dark (like under your covers at night). That span from light to dark can be expressed as a contrast ratio; the human eye has good ability in that regard. Now consider your TV. The brights aren't exactly blinding, and the darks are gray. Your TV's contrast ratio is less than your eye's, and that is a severe limitation to the realism of the display. Every TV manufacturer is working overtime to improve that. Pioneer advertises "infinite contrast" in its Kuro line of plasmas. Now, LG has reportedly done the same thing - developed a plasma display with absolute blackness . . .

Their wunder display is due later in July in a 1080p model. Lower resolution models will follow, as if anyone cares. Nothing is infinite or absolute, but if the black level is darker than the human eye can see, then I guess it's okay to call it "absolute."  One good bit of fallout from  darker darks is less light leakage, and hence better color. One thing is for sure: Blackness is getting blacker, and plasma holds an edge on LCD in this vital specification. -Ken C. Pohlmann