"Image Anywhere" Video Scaler

Any custom installer will tell you that placement limitations are among the primary obstacles in turning residential rooms into home theaters. This may no longer be so problematic thanks to a new video scaler from Silicon Optix Inc.

Working at the convergence of electronics and optics, the San Jose, CA- and Toronto, Ontario-based company claims its new "Image AnyPlace" video/graphics scaler greatly increases the placement options for video projectors, allowing off-axis positioning of up to +/-40 degrees horizontally and +/-30 degrees vertically. The Image AnyPlace is also a high-def device, supporting high-definition de-interlacing and maximum image fidelity even when casting images on unlikely surfaces.

The company's proprietary "eWARP" digital signal processing engine enables maximum flexibility in projector placement. Projection onto curved or domed surfaces is no longer out of the question. The scaler is compatible with most varieties of video signals, including ATSC HD and SDTV, NTSC/PAL, VGA, and UXGA. It features component and S-video input and output connectors.

Among the Image Anywhere's processing capabilities are SD de-interlacing (Motion adaptive with advanced diagonal processing & film 3:2 detection); HD de-interlacing (1080i to 720p); region-based panoramic scaling for plasmas and flat-panel displays; high-quality 65-tap scaling; extreme keystone correction (+/-40 H & +/-30 V) while maintaining aspect ratio and avoiding moir artifacts; aspect ratio conversion (with non-linear stretch); gamma correction; and input window positioning.

Available in November 2003, the Image AnyPlace video/graphics scaler will carry a manufacturer's suggested retail price of $2,495. Advanced software for projection on irregular and 180-degree venues will be available at $1,495.