HT Poll Results: OLED Prevails Over 4K Ultra HD

The results of last week’s OLED vs 4K Ultra HD survey are in. We asked which technology you prefer and here’s what you said…

33% OLED

29% Neither—I’ll wait for an OLED/4K combo!

21% 4K or “Ultra HD”

4% I don’t like either one…I’m waiting for 8K!

Stay tuned for our next poll and feel free to suggest topics/questions.

Speakerphile's picture

Would have been nice to see a qualifier in there about whether or not you have actually seen the technology in person. OLED has been the white unicorn for so long that most people expect that to be the best technology. 4K is pretty impressive in person though. The other aspect, I suppose, is that we may not actually have to wait that long to have both depending on your budget. If I had to chose one, it would be a 4K plasma, since you would get a lot of similar PQ benefits of OLED, while still getting the resolution bump. Of course, we may never see a 4K plasma.

Pacman9270's picture

I really wish we could see a 4K Plasma. I'm a Plasma fan and forever will be.

kent harrison's picture

I agree with you,i don't want no tv"s that has very bright picture and saturated colors,Plasma tv's have natural skin tone colors especially when they are calibrated.