House of Marley Introduces a Speaker Made of Cork

House of Marley, the AV company started by members of the late reggae star Bob Marley’s family, has introduced a Bluetooth speaker made of “sustainably harvested cork” and other reclaimed materials.

The No Bounds XL ($150), the latest and largest model in Marley’s No Bounds series, is designed for use on the go, featuring a metal carabiner and IP67 rating, which means the speaker is dustproof and can be submerged in 3 feet of water for up to 30 minutes. The enclosure actually floats, though, thanks to the cork used for its enclosure, which means you would have to hold it under water to test its aquatic worthiness.

The speaker doubles as a speakerphone with Siri integration and supports wireless dual-speaker pairing. It also has a minijack aux input for hardwire hookups and an internal lithium-ion battery rated for up to 16 hours of play time when fully charged, which is said to take 2 hours. The battery also serves as a backup USB power bank for a phone and other mobile devices.

The company says a percentage of each speaker sold contributes to the planting of trees in an effort to support global reforestation, with 125,000 trees planted to date.

Apart from the cork used to make the No Bounds XL speaker, other sustainable materials include Regrind silicone, recyclable aluminum, and Rewind fabric composed of organic cotton, reclaimed hemp, and recycled plastics.

“We saw the opportunity to include a larger, semi-portable third speaker in the No Bounds outdoor family,” explained Marley’s director of product development, Josh Poulsen. “The No Bounds XL is more suitable for long days outdoors, camping, on the mountain, or by the pool, while its larger battery capacity allows for charging devices on the go.”

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