Home Theater Masseuse

Backs and butts strained by the hard work of listening to music and watching movies in home theaters around the United States, rejoice! FAMILY INADA, maker of the world's first shiatsu massage chair, will unveil a new massage chair model, W.1, at the grand opening of its first U.S. showroom in Manhattan (7 West 56th Street) on November 17th. The INADA Chair W.1 is the world's first massage chair to take music and other sounds from sources in your home theater (DVD, TV, VHS, CD, and even your turntable) and synchronize it with a healthy, energizing massage.

How does this sonic and sensory marvel work? A program built-in to the W.1 senses variations in rhythm and melody as well as volume. It takes this information and creates a synchronized, dynamic, custom massage that "will take your home theater experience to the next level". We imagine, however, that certain movies might not be appropriate for use with the W.1. The opening 15 minutes of Saving Private Ryan on the W.1 might result in a visit to the nearest trauma facility. (Since you're thinking it anyway, we also wonder at the effects of the typical porn movie soundtrack.) In the new Manhattan showroom, the W.1 will be demonstrated in front of a large flat-screen TV showing "a relaxation movie."

In addition to the W.1, visitors to the new showroom will experience "total relaxation through a new calming Japanese visual art lighting technology called Digital Kakejiku (D-K) that amplifies the sensual relaxation benefits of the INADA Chair." Digital Kakejiku means digital hanging scroll in Japanese. It is "an advanced digital technology that lights up a large area, such as buildings or natural surroundings, with random sequences of abstract painting-like images that change patterns and colors at 30 frames per second."