High Performance and Ultra Thin

With flat panel TV's getting so thin, speaker manufacturers are again challenged to create speakers that compliment them. Artison, a leading innovator and manufacturer of custom high-performance loudspeakers, recently introduced an incredibly thin speaker that attaches directly to your TV.

Making a thin enclosure isn't so difficult but having quality sonic performance, especially when it comes to base response, is the larger challenge. Led by renowned speaker designer Cary Christie, Artison employs new driver technologies that make the impossible, possible such as a frequency response down to 80Hz in a super-thin 1/8" enclosure.

The top-of the line speakers are the Masterpiece LCR-DM, which features Curved Line Arrays that utilize eight 25 mm full range drivers. Curved Line Arrays combined with Artison's Inverted Magnet Structure 5.5” Long Throw Kevlar Midrange/Woofers provide a low crossover frequency from the woofer to the midrange of 800 Hz. This keeps all drivers in piston mode, reducing distortion. The Curved Line Array design controls the vertical dispersion pattern of the speaker, generating a wide horizontal pattern.

The LCR-DM includes the three front channels (LCR) in two slim enclosures. The center channel is created with Artison's patented DualMono Center Channel technology. Dialog seems to come from the center of the screen, rather than above or below it. Side-firing stage tweeters widen the soundstage for a more immersive Home Theater experience.

Cary Christie, founder, President and CEO of Artison, noted: “Today’s flat panel TV owners are looking for a more engaging audio experience to complement their high technology video experience. They want cinema-like ‘home theater,’ and that means not just room-filling audio for special effects and music, but a system that brings everything together the way the director intended – with dialog coming from the center of the screen, where the actors’ voices are coming from. Our new LCR-DMs are intended to allow for true audio/video integration and state-of-the-art sound."

The Easy Match Custom Grilles are cosmetically matched for both the height and color of a user’s flat panel TV. The Masterpiece LCR-DM may be installed flush with most displays above 55” and as thin as 8mm deep, providing a seamless aesthetic effect. All custom grilles are made to order and shipped within 48 hours of purchase. The Masterpiece LCR-DM retails for $2800.

For more information and images go to artisonusa.com